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Bruder JCB 5CX

Bruder toys JCB 5CX is a step up in class from all previous toy diggers from the German construction vehicle specialist. It adds a significant number of brand new features not previously seen on the 4CX or the Midi.

The biggest improvements are to the cab. The Bruder 5CX has not one but two opening hatches on the roof through which you can place an extending arm directly onto the steering wheel. This means that, for the first time ever, you can actually drive the digger yourself! What’s more, all four wheels steer in tandem just like the real thing. The four-wheel steering is complemented by an off-road front axle. The special steering arm can be safely stowed underneath the digger, though if it should ever be mislaid on site, spare parts are available from Bruder specialists.
JCB 5CX Toy Digger

The new 5CX also for the first time ever features plastic safety glass throughout the cab, previous models were just left open. But even better, the side doors and back window open to allow access to the cab. Bruder make a range of construction figures so that a digger driver can now be slotted into the driver’s seat. This is made even easier by the driver’s seat which swivels, another amazing new feature.

Equally innovative, the front bucket arm locks into position when fully raised. Unlock it by pressing a discreet trigger button. For playability this is an excellent feature as on most toy diggers the front scoop has to be manually held up.

JCB 5CX Digger ToyTalking of playability, Bruder offer an unrivalled range of accessories for the 5CX. Both the front scoop and rear bucket can be removed and swapped for different attachments including pallet forks, a cable winch, a basket pallet or four-pronged hay forks. Note, these attachments also fit any tractor in the Bruder Profi Series.

The rear bucket on the 5CX reaches a couple of inches further than the 4CX and again features outriggers that extend down to ground level for increased safety and stability on even the most uneven ground.

This 1:16 scale model digger made its retail debut in May 2015. Bruder toys can be rightly proud of making a licensed JCB toy with the greatest ever playability. Highly recommended.